Senior Class '78
Senior Class '78
Olguita Oliver Urso and
Steve Urso
Mona Palermo Jones and David Jones
Susan Hodge Taylor and Ben Taylor
Mike Sis
Dean Marucci and Donna Marucci
Lana Swaim Speck
Diane Loria Probst and Mike Probst
Diane Herring Welch and Scott Welch
Carol Lopez Lamadrid and Carlos Lamadrid
Frank Varisco and Marian Rose Varisco
Sandra Smith Singer and Jeff Singer
Connie Menefee Conaway
Karen Erwin Zee and Denny Fahey
Jeanene Robinson Smith and Larry Smith
Lisa Marino Obeji and Razek Obeji
Sandra Tedrow Cuellar
Ann Gelber Harwood and Wallace Harwood
Mary Gongora Grace and J. Lynn Grace
Kelly Holley Grillo
Denean Watkins and David Mize
Elizabeth (Liz) Alvarez Phariss and Daryl Phariss
Nancy Godsey France plus one
Wendy Ellis Andrews and Laura Andrews
Josie Estrada Page and Kelvin Crouse
Judy Brending Kingman
Beth Gibson Coyle
Pete Fredericksen and Stacy Fredericksen 
John Arnold and Nancy Moore Arnold
Jyl Davison Rittman and Ken Rittman
Dana Moore Tarver
Diane Phelps Signer and Tim Signer
Alice Patke Brothers and
Barry Brothers
Henry Ramirez
Debbie Ramirez
Tammy Braden
Marilyn Collins Gifford
Leah Zieren Alves and Ben Alves
Charlotte Squire McCarter and Jimmy McCarter
Harold Thompson and Stacy Singleton
Corinne Shaw Kahil and
Kenneth Kahil
Dennis Sikorski and Louise Williams Lacy
Regina Thompson
Thomas Hernandez
Yvonne Webster McDade
Lillie Pearl Peyton Harrison
Cindy Antley Eley and Paul Eley
Mary Monroe Hoskin and Perry Hoskin
Frank Irwin
Cindy Fazzino Arnold and Lonnie Arnold
Jon (Artie) Holt and Stacey McClennon
Sam Carter and Marshele Carter
Caryn Young Chewning and Don Chewning
Wanda Wright and Theresa Wright
Debbie Neff Raines and Tom Raines
Beverly Douglas Goode and Ernie Goode
Liz Steel Moen and Rik Moen
Susan Jensen Jimerson
Mark Patranella and Debbie Patranella
Freddie Carter
Bonita Richardson Thompson and Calvin Thompson
Annette Trossen Webb and Rick Webb
Debbie Ingram DuBose and
Jerry DuBose
Sandra Luza Bragg and Roy Bragg
William Green and Sharon Green
Annette Davenport Walton and spouse
Linda Nicks Gray
Sharon Chaffin Colley and Alan Colley
Tom Tripp
Maida Hall Hortenstine and Tom Hortenstine
Willie Williams
Robert Escobar
Tori Hahn Kaddatz and Charles Kaddatz
Carlos Cordero and Minal Cordero
Konnie Harber
Joe D'Agostino
Bill Krueger and Lydia Krueger
David Gillespie
Ian Howes and Regina Melomo
Mark Record and Allison Record
Tom Lewis and Nancy Lewis
Joyce Soliz
Cheryl Lorenz Jones and Kenneth Jones
Mark McClendon and Debra McClendon
Don Garrett and Cynthia Nasi
Pat Castenson
Terri Ellen-Hadaway
Olen Crocker and Brenda Crocker
Rexanne Forster Foster and Mike Foster
Randy Shirley and Colleen Shirley
Craig Schulman and Cheryl Schulman
Robert Scamardo
Jackie Taylor and Erikka Clark
Tom Stocker and Darla Stocker
Belinda Barton Smith and Larry Smith
Robert McDaniel and Kim McDaniel
Roger Harbert and Lisa Harbert
Robert Lambert and Pam Wright Lambert
DeeDee Green Cooks
Willie Campbell
Linda Lopez Constancio and Gina Lopez Constancio
Ronnie Hale and Debbie Hale
Linda Bennett Cudmore
Mariana Cruz and Eugene Acosta
Bob Blakely and Karen Blakely
Vera Lopez Becerra and Diego Becerra
Candy Hopkins Scott
Thomas Goehl and Ruth Goehl
Phil Haas and Suzanne Haas
Billy Gould
Greg Court and Debra Court
Al Saenz
Sam Portales and Lily Portales
Brenda Williams Lamar and David Lamar
Bobby Rosas and Dollie Rosas
Paul Schleider and Lyla Schleider
Donna Muzny
Deborah Charanza Kahil and Ed Kahil
Barbara Bazy Smith
Gaye Hill Alexander
Charlie Schugart and Sherri Schugart
Bill Wells and Diane Norman
Kevin Frenzel
Revis Reddell Sepanski
Kathy Neblett-Dunn
Mike Wilkes and Molly Wilkes
Debra Johnson Bundren and Jim Bundren
Jo Ann Bundren Jaehne
Jesse Vivero
Michelle Weedon Colwell and Robby Colwell
Janie Saldivar Rios
Darlene Coleman Mantey
Lyquitta Robison 
Jodi Playter Mitchell
LouAnn Eubank
Debbie Plagens Perez