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Barry Brothers
2018-04-12 19:14:36
We sold our sailing business in 2009 and went cruising that winter in the Florida Keys (one of the coldest winters on record in the Keys). That Spring we returned to Alabama just before the DeepWater Horizon Oil Spill and an econmy that went bust. Our timing to go cruising could not have been worse, but for selling our business could not have been better!

Alice and I moved back on land in 2011 when she took a job on Mobile. After living on a boat for 10 years we had no furniture; it was like moving out after high school, except that we had money to buy what we needed. 

Alice is working for CPSI in Mobile and I am still a boat Captain taking folks to see dolphins surf and play.
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Daniel Burke
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Plfugerville TX Retired Divorced 2018-05-19 22:42:47
After leaving BHS, I went to Texas A&M and received a degree in Engineering.  I moved to Austin, and stayed until 1996, when another career opportunity took me to Corpus Christi.  I stayed there a couple years, then missed Austin and moved back.   I moved (hopefully for the last time) to Pflugerville in 2013.

I retired from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in 2017, and my life is finally my own once again.  After working since I was 15 years old, I'm still figuring out what being retired really means.

I lost my Dad who lived in College Station in 2016 at the age of 90, and my Mom passed just a month after that.  Aside from a dozen or so trips back to deal with the estate, I haven't had much reason to visit BCS since then.

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Martha Cabrera (Allen)
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Irving TX Caliber Home Loans Married 2 Michael Lynn Allen 2017-11-03 12:33:55
My husband (Melissa Allen’s) brother and I were happily married June 3rd 2017 and we live in Irving, Texas. We enjoy our time traveling and socializing with our friends. So glad to be back in Texas.  Dallas is a great place to live. We enjoy going to the Maverick Games! Send Martha a MessageSend Martha a Message
Wilma Campbell (Fields)
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Bryan Texas Tax Preparer Married 1 David W. Fields Sr. 2012-08-06 14:01:29
Hello classmates,
It has been an amazing 30 years, quite an adventure.  I would be lying if I'd said it has been "all good"; but to say the least it has been unforgetful - and I've grown up a lot.  My only grand child Nyasia is approaching 13 years of age; I am extremely proud of her academic & atheletic accomplishments thus far - her many activities keeps me busy.  With the exception of Alaska, I've had the pleasure of being able to travel to one or more cities in every state in the United States by way of a big truck with 18 wheels on it - this is major considering my very humble beginnings-LOL.  A lot of my wishes and dreams have come true; I'm still looking forward to a few more.

My only child Londie is now living in Bryan; she has informed me that she is working to become a Manager of a local fast food restaurant; she is also expected to be one of the young people attending the door at the Reunion;  Londie's biological father and I actually got married on her 31st birthday last year - I'm sure I could write a "Best Seller" about this full circle pretaining to this life experience.  Anyway, life is good, and I am so grateful to still be here.  I am truly looking forward to visiting with each and every one of you at the Reunion.

To borrow a few words from:  1) "The Commodores" - I wish the world had all happy people - then their would be no more wishing to do! 2)  "Peabo Bryson" - Don't let the games that people play - destroy the dream you're dreaming of!
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Sandra Cannon (Tessitore)
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Jacksonville Beach Florida Medical Transcriptionist Committed Relationship 2 Scott 2012-08-06 14:01:49
Hey y'all.  Hope you all enjoy the 30th reunion!  I'm now in sunny Florida, working for Mayo Clinic and lovin' it.  My daughters are Angela (21) and Alison (18).  Both were born in B-CS and are in college here.  My parents live in Hearne and are doing well.  Keep the spirit! Send Sandra a MessageSend Sandra a Message
Jan Cargill (Connolly)
Nacogdoches TX Married 2 Michael Connolly 2018-02-06 16:45:18
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Colette Carruth
Houston TX Homebody Single none 2015-06-09 03:08:34
Help out in the apartment office on a regular schedule(where I live with my mom). Send Colette a MessageSend Colette a Message
Pat Castenson
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Richmond TX Elementary School Teacher Single 2 2017-04-24 19:32:55
Hi everyone! I'm excited about our upcoming reunion and look forward to seeing many of you. 
I'm living in Richmond and completing my 9th year of teaching elementary math. I love working in the classroom, however I am looking forward to possibly working as a math facilitator or a math coach at our school.
My sons Ryan and Tyler have blessed me with four great grandchildren that I love spending time with. They are avid basketball and baseball players.
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Sharon Chaffin (Colley)
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Caldwell Texas Adjunct Instructor - TEEX Married 4 Alan Hugh Colley 2012-08-06 14:01:17
Hello Everyone!

It is hard to believe that we are 30 years from our high school graduation.  We attended my husband's reunion (SFA "69) and we could hardly recognize all the old folks.

Alan and I have had a wonderful life with much more to look forward to.  We have 4 children - Kerry, Matt, Jakki & Clint.  Kerry has four sons, Matt has a son and daughter, Jakki married last September and Clint is just a good looking bachelor and he is happy about it!

I retired from Verizon Communications last November.  After 32 years service, I left a nice position as Vice President of Sales to move from the Dallas Area back home to help aging parents.  Alan and I live on a ranch outside of Caldwell and we raise Quarter horses and Charolais cattle.  We are currently undergoing a home remodel (that should test the marriage....)

I work part-time as an Adjunct Instructor for TEEX on a Homeland Security contract at the National Emergency Rescue and Response Training Center.  It provide a little extra cash for all of my hobbies.

I will be at a TQHA Sale in Houston the weekend of our reunion and will not be able to attend.  I hope that you all have a great time.

Sharon Chaffin Colley
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Rostell Chapman
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Bryan TX Realtor Married 2 Janet Frenzel Chapman 2012-08-06 14:02:15
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