Over the years, we have lost several classmates.  The following list of deceased classmates has been compiled.  We have tried to include married names when applicable.  Although we hope the list is as complete and accurate as possible, it is very possible that we may have inadvertently left off some classmates.   If you know of any additions to the list, please send them to the reunion committee by contacting us at bryanhigh78@yahoo.com .  

 Thank you for your help.


David Anderson
Melissa Allen Brown
Ginger Alter Boedeker

Vickie Bailey

Karen Barnes

Randy Berry

Weslie Blinka

Kevin Borgeson
Saundri Calhoun Martin
Danny Cardiel

Jennie Cargill Pitts

Kim Casey

Betty Cates
Wesley Chenault
Alex Constancio

Craig Cooper

Cheryl Corn

Mike Coyle

Connie Darling

Shirley Densey Marshall

Kurt Elmendorf
Cheryl Fontenot Patterson

Kevin Ford

Sharon Gaas
Greg Gantt

Roy Garcia

Lee Garrison

John “Chip” Glover
Donna Guy Francis

Mike Hair
Laura Johnson Croston

Cindy (Lucinda) Johnson Burgess

Renita Johnson Pipkin

Pat Kennedy
Terri Ladewig Snider

Peter Lara
Nancy Lero Maly
Linda McDaniel Goodman

Joe Munoz
Mark Nash
Jay Bob Newcomb

Andrew Parnell

Mary Jo Patranella
Judy Perrone Endler
Tim Pittman
Graylan Plantt

Stewart Pfeffer

Bay Rampey
Carlton Reed
James Reed

Sandra Restivo

Patrick Riley

Bobby Riggs

Rusty Robertson

Michael Rodriguez

Guy Sandel

Michelle Sandlin

David Sikorski
Donnie Smith
Lisa Smith

Steve Spies

Ronnie Stevens
Carl Lee Stewart
Kenneth Stone
Billy Swaim

Tommy Lee Thomas

Nettie Thornton Fields

Carol Turman
Karen Weldon
Elaine Wier
Rudy Woods

Neal Young

Gloria Zapalac